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“3D Timestamp”

is an innovative service provided by Ubivox Limited (#Ubivox3D) that employs advanced 3D scanning technology to create a highly accurate digital model of an individual.

The digital model can be used to print a mini figurine (#FigurineMeMini) or create a digital twin suitable for AR applications (#MetaMe).

The resulting figurine possesses a unique value as an exclusive collectible for each family. Our service aims to create unforgettable keepsakes that can be shared with family and friends. At “3D Timestamp,” we are dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology and superior quality materials, offering a personalized and customized approach to preserving memories and creating enduring treasures.

Memories that last a lifetime, captured in every detail.
Start your own collection today.





請仔細閱讀以下注意事項,以便充分理解並接受。 以下內容中,「本人」指活動參與者。「Ubivox3D」指Ubivox有限公司。 3D掃描過程中會有白光閃動,就像一般拍照使用閃光燈一樣。如果受拍者對閃光敏感,本人有責任在3D掃描前通知服務方公司。本人明白服務方公司不建議對閃光敏感的受拍者使用此服務。如果本人選擇繼續使用此服務,本人必須自行承擔風險和責任。 本人授權Ubivox3D使用3D掃描所獲取的照片和數據進行3D列印。如果本人需要保留3D數據,則需要額外購買。3D原始數據的價格為八千港元。 本人明白成品打印出來的顏色和受拍者的真實顏色可能會有所不同。本人同意Ubivox3D擁有最終產品質量決定權。 本人授權Ubivox3D使用3D掃描服務當天所產生的照片、3D數據、製作過程及成品照片作Ubivox3D任何形式宣傳之用。 由於3D列印技術是最新的技術,因此色彩打印在樹脂膠物料上的效果可能會與實物有所不同。Ubivox3D的3D團隊會盡力為客戶產品達到最佳色彩和效果。 本人明白,由於3D列印是全個人訂製產品,如對成品的外觀或色差不滿意,服務方公司恕不退款。 由於3D列印技術與傳統攝影技術不同,本人不應將其與傳統攝影技術進行比較。3D列印和後期製作都由服務方公司負責。如果有任何爭議,Ubivox3D將保留最終決定權。 如有任何疑問,請聯繫Ubivox3D的客服團隊(WhatsApp 91006900)。” Please read the following precautions carefully to fully understand and accept them. In the following content, “I” refers to the participant of the activity. “Ubivox3D” refers to Ubivox Limited. During the 3D scanning process, there will be flashes of white light, just like using a flash in general photography. If the subject is sensitive to flashes, I am responsible for notifying the service provider company before the 3D scan. I understand that the service provider company does not recommend using this service for subjects who are sensitive to flashes. If I choose to continue using this service, I must bear the risk and responsibility myself. I authorize Ubivox3D to use the photos and data obtained from the 3D scan for 3D printing. If I need to keep the 3D data, I need to purchase it separately. The price for the original 3D data is HKD 8,000. I understand that the color of the printed product may differ from the subject’s true color. I agree that Ubivox3D has the final decision-making power over the quality of the final product. I authorize Ubivox3D to use the photos, 3D data, production process, and product photos generated on the day of the 3D scanning service for any form of promotion by Ubivox3D. Due to the fact that 3D printing technology is the latest technology, the color printing effect on resin materials may differ from the actual object. Ubivox3D’s 3D team will try their best to achieve the best color and effect for the customer’s product. I understand that as a fully customized product, there will be no refund from the service provider company if I am dissatisfied with the appearance or color difference of the finished product. Since 3D printing technology is different from traditional photography technology, I should not compare them. The service provider company is responsible for both 3D printing and post-production. If there is any dispute, Ubivox3D will have the final decision-making power. If there are any questions, please contact Ubivox3D’s customer service team (WhatsApp 91006900).

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